BitSim utvecklar elektronik för t.ex. kameror, seismologiska system och larmsystem.

From function to design

Welcome to BitSim, the design house for advanced electronics
with ASIC, FPGA, HW & embedded systems.

cyklar med spårnings-elektronik och mobiltelefon med gps-punkt på karta

Challenges are our business

We love creating solutions to complex problems.
For more information, please read our reference projects.

BitSims nyheter


The first step is now taken on the new MIPI A-PHY

Function is central
We are a design house that develops electronics for detectors; for example cameras, systems for seismic exploration, alarm systems etc. The design is formed by your functional requirements such as speed, power consumption, signal processing and storage capacity.

Our Expert teams make the difference
Our team possesses all the expertise in advanced electronics to execute every task required for embedded system development.
 Our skilled team of engineers (FPGA-consultants, ASIC-consultants, SW-consultants) analyses, describes, develops and integrates all parts of your design.

Based on your needs
We build your electronics solution with advanced and proven technology, according to your particular market requirements.
 And we optimize the solution based on performance, time and price.

Our News
Meet us at FPGA world exhibition in Stockholm 17 September and Copenhagen 19 September. 

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We’ll build your detector (IP-blocks)

What functions and functionality do you want and what are the market requirements?
We have designed and improved the design of different types of cameras, x-ray systems, alarm systems, seismic exploration systems, measuring systems, mobile phones, IR cameras and trackers etc. Within these areas we develop complete design blocks for different types of imaging systems or data acquisition detectors.
 We would be happy to optimize our electronics design blocks according to your market needs.

We select the right technology for your design

What are the key factors in your requirements? What choices are important?
Your needs guide us in the design process because of the continuous technological shifts in the fields of imaging and data acquisition. The final structure is dependent on new building blocks and components for improved video performance, faster communication and lower price. Power consumption, transmission, storage and interface, are also critical elements of the final structure.
We weigh-in all of these factors in the design process to achieve an acceptable and cost-effective result. And our skilled engineers make the right choices in building a detector that meets your needs.

We love developing your smart solutions

What kind of help do you need?
Our design house offers various types of projects to develop a smart solution for your particular detector. We can take all or part of the development responsibility and be your development department. You’ll get access to our design methodology, to our knowledge and our design blocks.
All the way from function to design