We develop the electronics for your detector

- Function is central

What functionality do you want and what are the market requirements?
This is always the starting point of all our development projects. Our team of experts and our unique design model helps you design detectors for handling images, video, signaling or tracking, whether the design is advanced or not.
The result – a safer and more efficient way to build your detector!

Your cooperation with us always begin with a free two-week Quick Study

When you agree to do a Quick Study with us we perform a detailed requirement specification.

The result of the Quick study is

  • A method of cooperation
  • The basic design concept
  • Calculation with a rough estimation of both schedule and cost of the entire project
  • Fixed price for a feasibility study

When you develop with us, the work is performed in a safe project form.

How we work in projects

We offer three forms of cooperation:

Develop your smart electronics with us. We offer three forms of cooperation

The Quick Study provides us with the form of our mutual cooperation and commitment. Our team of experts provides you with:

Design Services, including project management and functional responsibility for:

  • Your entire detector – from functional requirements to a complete design
  • Parts of your electronics design
  • Demo development – if you want to start with testing your idea

Design Services without project management, for example:

  • Parts of your electronics design
  • Adaptations of electronics parts in your design

Expert design services from our

  • Our specialists can also provide expertise on an hourly rate as consultants.

Develop with us, we will help you to determine which form of cooperation that will suit your needs best through our Quick Study!