Our data acquisition board MAGIC ADDA is an electronic platform that provides data collection on the cutting edge of technology in terms of high speed.

The design can be easily adapted for different applications where data collection is important, for example RF, microwave, optical and Big Data. The performance of this platform is based on a powerful 4.8 GHz FPGAs with an FMC module and our realization provides a 1-, 2- or 4-channel ADC and one-channel DAC that can handle up to 4.8 GSP.

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Ultra High-Speed sampling ADC/DAC

MAGIC ADDA 4.8 GHz – For Radar, Sonar, Microwave and general Data Acquisition:

A 4.8 GHz sampling AD/DA FMC Board, in a small form factor, 70×80 mm, with an integrated ADC, DAC, and FPGA including an integrated microcontroller enabling a powerful sampling and signal processing capacity.

  • Industrial standard form factor – FMC mezzanine standard (VITA 57.1)
  • ADC 8 bits up to 4.8 GSps and DAC 12 bits up to 4.8 GSps
  • 1, 2 or 4 channels ADC @ 4.8 GSps, 2.4 GSPs or 1.2 GSps
  • Single channel DAC with 4-to-1 mux on input
  • Ultrascale FPGA: 20 nm process, 500k Logic Cells and 21 + Mbit Block RAM
  • Ultrascale FPGA: 1-12 Gbit/s chip I/O
  • BitBSP© Board Support Package with debug support via integrated MicroBlaze microcontroller
  • 3rd generation AD/DA board


Technical Brief