Seismic Detector

We have developed a high resolution digital seismic acquisition system with sensors collecting and storing geo data. The detector is used at great depths in oceans and seas and has been produced by us in high volumes. The design has a number of custom features.

Various functions are spread over several circular circuit boards to fit into a pressurised metal casing. The design collects data with exceptionally good resolution. A PC software converts the data into three-dimensional geological graphs which are easy to interpret. An atomic clock solution for extremely accurate timing is implemented in each device. The system’s thousands of autonomous detectors is thereby synchronized. Each unit is powered by battery providing a long operation period. Therefore, the design is also exceptionally energy efficient.

A large part of the design is well suited for customization and further development to other seismological applications or other systems that need to collect data.


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  • Board, FPGA, embedded software, Linux PC software
  • Real-time Operating System
  • Graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Geophone- and hydrophone sensors and high resolution AD-conversion
  • Automated production test and test equipment

Building Blocks

  • 32-bit low noise ADC
  • RTOS with NTP, DHCP and TFTP
  • Battery-powered energy solution with monitored operation
  • FPGA and CPU-controlled flash storage for large amounts of data
  • Atomic clock